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The material and information on offer are the genuine works of individual professionals. Even if you discover some content on the blog site to be valid, the rest of it will not be counterfeit.

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Users are not permitted to violate the regulations of Techrookies.com in any way. If lawbreaking activities are discovered, access to the blog site will be restricted. Persistent illegal behavior will lead to your site’s or internet connection’s suspension or restriction by your service provider.


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We employ a team of specialists who will go through all of your work thoroughly and have the right to reject it if it appears irrelevant. Copying or adapting existing material might result in your article being discarded. All copyright rights to the material will be held by techrookies.com after publication, and you should not distribute the piece elsewhere.

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Techrookies.com reserves the right to change or update the rules stated above at any time. The new rules will be implemented starting from the date of publication. Techrookies.com is not required to notify users about any modifications. This page allows visitors to keep up with site updates in terms and conditions.


You may not be able to access many of the site’s features if you find any of its regulations to be unlawful. Because other legal rules are active, users must follow them. In no case will Techrookies.com condone the breach of any laws.

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