Welcome to our live coverage of Cisco Live 2023. We’re here in Las Vegas to hear exactly what the tech giant has to reveal this year. Given Cisco’s influence in areas across everything from networking to security, we’re expecting a packed few days of keynotes and announcements.

Kicking things off is a keynote from CEO Chuck Robbins, who will be joined by a host of guests and Cisco executives to run us through all the latest news and more.

Day one of the show is set to kick off soon, and we’ll be here to provide all the updates as they happen.

Good morning from Day One of Cisco Live, coming to you from the Mandalay Bay resort in a stunningly hot Las Vegas.

This morning will see Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins take to the stage for his opening keynote, where he will be joined by Chief Strategy Officer Liz Centoni, EVP and General Manager of Cisco Networking Jonathan Davidson, and Jeetu Patel, Cisco’s EVP and General Manager, Security & Collaboration – and all-round security guru.

We’re expecting a host of new announcements and updates, and also a host of customers keen to talk about how Cisco is helping them grow and prosper.

We’re about an hour out from the keynote, so time for some breakfast (and coffee!)

Cisco Live 2023

(Image credit: Future / Mike Moore)

We’re here in the Michelob Ultra arena – which can apparently hold 12,000 people.

There’s only a few minutes until kick-off – we’re seated and ready!

What on earth is happening…is that the Power Rangers?

Cisco Live 2023

(Image credit: Future / Mike Moore)

The lights go down and we’re off here at Cisco Live Day One.

After a brief introduction highlighting the importance of security, AI, and sustainability, CEO Chuck Robbins takes to the stage.

“I don’t think in all the years I’ve been coming here, that we’ve ever had this much innovation to announce,” he says

Cisco Live 2023

(Image credit: Future / Mike Moore)

“We know how important technology is to the success of your businesses…and to humanity,” he says, noting the role of technology during the pandemic.

“Technology is key to everything we’re doing going forward,” he adds.

But technology is increasingly complex, he says, introducing what will be a major feature of today’s keynote – simplicity.

“It’s a complicated world – but we have to bring this technology to bear to realize the benefit of what we can do around the world.”

Cisco Live 2023

(Image credit: Future / Mike Moore)

First mention of AI – take a drink, if you’re playing along at home.

“We want to do great things with AI – and we want to do them responsibly,” Robbins says.

We’re on to the first major pillar now – Security.

It’s a “number one” concern for all businesses, Robbins says – particularly as the company wants to help connect all smart products around the world.

“This is in the name of making anything possible,” he adds – from letting NFL customers have a better stadium experience to multi-national telecom companies.

Cisco Live 2023

(Image credit: Future / Mike Moore)

“We care deeply about your success…we are innovating at a faster pace than we have done for some time, and we want to continue to do so.”

“We’ll continue to earn your trust,” Robbins adds, highlighting Cisco’s global reach, which now covers over a million companies worldwide, and 98% of the world’s largest companies.

“We can help you, wherever you are,” he says.

Robbins highlights five key themes for Cisco going forward:

– Reimagine your applications

– Power your hybrid work

– Transform your infrastructure

– Secure your enterprise

– Your journey to sustainability

Cisco Live 2023

(Image credit: Future / Mike Moore)

Sustainability is set to be a huge theme for Cisco this year, with the company making some major pledges and initiatives to help both itself and its customers get greener.

Robbins notes a couple of services, including tech recycling – even the carpets and signage being used at Cisco Live 2023 are going to be recycled.

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