Yes, Blizzard has heard you, and yes, it’s “moving really, really quickly” to improve the storage space in Diablo 4.

“I’ll say real quickly, we definitely hear everybody about this,” Diablo 4 associate game director Joe Piepiora said in the team’s most recent developer livestream.

“We are talking a lot about what we need to do with this. We’ve got good plans of things we can do to improve the situation.”

That said, the changes we want may not come soon enough, as the team says it has to “get it right” rather than rush into “doing it right now”.

“I know it’s frustrating to hear me say, but the reality is that we’re moving really, really quickly on this, and we’re trying to provide more space in the future, we’re figuring out how we’re going to get that accomplished,” Piepiora added. 

“There’s lots of different ways to slice away at this problem – that’s an example of what we’re trying to do to start trying to mitigate this a bit. We’re trying to move very quickly in a lot of these things, some of them are a lot more challenging technically to do than others.”

What does that mean for Diablo 4 fans? According to general manager Rod Fergusson, we may have to wait a little longer as the development team is keen to ensure things are “robust and stable” before they roll out.

“One mistake some people make is this idea that [development] time is only ‘what it takes to implement’ and it’s not – it’s also what it takes to test and make sure that it’s robust and stable,” Fergusson said (thanks, PCGN). 

Diablo 4‘s Season of the Malignant is set to start on July 20, and offers new threats, a self-contained story, and brand-new ways to customize your wanderer. When you encounter an elite monster in Season of the Malignant, there’s a chance that a malignant version of that monster will also spawn, complete with scary new powers and weird tentacle things. 

Still not sure if Diablo 4 is worth your time?

“Perhaps Diablo 4’s most adventurous quality is the move towards an open world in the ‘modern’ sense,” we wrote in our Diablo 4 review.

“What could have been a featureless, bland expanse is, instead, a delight. Brimming with intrigue and danger, the open world of Sanctuary fits the Diablo formula like a glove, providing the space in which the game’s macabre aesthetic and bold mechanical design cohere beautifully.”

If you want something to play while you wait for Diablo 4 Season 1, Amazon Prime Day is on the horizon, and great Prime Day gaming deals are already popping up as we get closer to the main event. 

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