Google has finally spilled the beans on its upcoming Pixel 8 phone launch, and we know that the Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 will be coming early next month. On October 4, Google will finally unveil the new devices, according to posts on Google’s Instagram account and online store. 

While Google has been quiet about the upcoming flagship phones so far, posts today on its Made by Google Instagram account confirmed the two new phones and showed off a Pixel 8 Pro and a Pixel 8 in porcelain white and a pinkish rose color, respectively. The two phones are discernible by the extra camera lens on the back of the Pro model, and the smaller size of the base model. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 from back in porcelain and rose

(Image credit: Google)

The Pro model also seems to have an extra feature on the camera bar, compared to both the Pixel 8 and the older Pixel 7 Pro. Leaks have suggested this could be a temperature sensor, which might even be used to check a person’s body temp, among other possibilities. Otherwise, there are no significant new features that are distinguishable from the 360-degree view in the Insta post.

The Pixel 8 has rounder corners, and that’s about it

The design of the new phones seems slightly updated from older models, with a bit more rounding on the corners. We have heard that the display will be more flat than before, but it is hard to tell from this preview. Overall, the phone seems more organically smooth than previous Pixel designs.

Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 from back in porcelain and rose

(Image credit: Google)

Still, this is unmistakably a Pixel phone, for better and for worse. The same camera bar is present, with the same overall Pixel look. Hopefully the rose color is a sign of some cool color options to come, but leaks have not suggested anything too exciting. Expect shades of blue, white, grey, and maybe green. 

The Pixel Watch 2 also makes a brief appearance if you follow the link to the Google store web site. The newest wearable from Google looks almost exactly like the older model, so it’s unclear what we’re seeing in the next watch that is new. Though Google acknowledges the Watch 2 is coming, this may be an image of an older device. 

We may not be seeing the full extent of the display, for instance. The Pixel Watch had a larger bezel than most competitors, and that would be an obvious improvement for generation two. Every Apple Watch seems to shrink the bezel further and further, so the same should be true for Google’s wearable. Hopefully we will see more of that screen, literally, on October 4. 

Official word about the Pixel 8 after accidents and leaks

Of course, if you follow Google news closely, none of this is a huge surprise, as Google has been the ‘victim’ of some suspicious accidents and leaks in the past week or so. The phone was posted by Google itself briefly, and then a phone feature simulator went live showing the new feature and sensors of the Pixel 8 Pro. 

Is this a marketing ploy? Somebody flipping the wrong switch too early? Whatever the case, Google isn’t bothered.

Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 from back in porcelain and rose

(Image credit: Google)

Unlike Apple, which shrouds products in extreme secrecy, Google is not normally shy about talking up new gear. It’s more of a surprise that we have NOT heard from Google about the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro before now. Of course, we still haven’t heard much, but Google will take your email address if you want to sign up for more info at some future date.

We will be there when Google launches its next big thing, and hopefully it will be a satisfying follow-up to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, some of our best camera phones ever. If you want to get the full rundown on everything we know about the upcoming Pixel phones, including the new Tensor G3 processor and the new camera sensors inside, you can read everything we know about the new Pixel 8 series.

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