Verizon’s ramped up its Holiday deals event this week to offer Netflix and HBO Max for just $10 per month alongside a new unlimited data plan. With a total saving of $6 per month, this is a great little streaming bonus that’s available to all customers (both new and existing) on all unlimited data plans. 

It also bundles together with the carrier’s already excellent range of deals on phones. For example, those looking to line up a trade-in can also currently get a massive $1,000 rebate on the iPhone 15 Pro by handing over any iPhone model, as well as the option to bundle in a free iPad and Apple Watch. While device cellular lines are paid separately, these device savings add up to over $1,700 in value so it’s well worth checking out if you’re someone who can make use of this Apple gear. 

Even those not looking to trade in can get a great discount right now. For example, this week’s Verizon deals also offer the option to bundle four iPhone 14 Plus handsets alongside a Welcome Unlimited plan for just $120 per month – an awesome all-inclusive option for data-hungry families. As far as we can tell, you can also bundle in that cheap HBO Max and Netflix subscription via the previously mentioned promo for even more value this week. 

New Verizon streaming bundle

Verizon Unlimited plans: bundle in Max and Netflix for just $10 per month
Here’s a Verizon Holiday special that all the family can enjoy – as can both new and existing unlimited plan customers at Verizon. For a limited time only, bundle in a Max and Netflix with ads subscription for just $10 per line. This promo is eligible with all myPlan unlimited plans – including the Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Ultimate plans.  View Deal

More Verizon Holiday deals this week

Apple iPhone 15 series: get a free iPad and Apple Watch with an unlimited plan
Still available:
Verizon’s headline Black Friday deal is still up for grabs, with the carrier offering a free 10th gen iPad 10.9 and a free 2nd-gen Apple Watch SE with an eligible 5G iPhone purchase. These freebies alone are worth $780 by themselves so this is a significant addition to the host of already-awesome trade-in rebates on the iPhone 15 series. The caveat here, however, is that you’ll still need an unlimited data plan to be eligible for this saving. View Deal

Apple iPhone 15 Pro: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus free iPad and Apple Watch
Here we go folks – this is our favorite trade-in rebate available right now on Verizon. While the maximum saving of $1,000 off is nothing new on the excellent iPhone 15 Pro, Verizon is currently letting you hand over any iPhone model to achieve that maximum rebate. That means you can potentially hand over an old beater and get a shiny new Phone 15 Pro in return – plus, the free Apple Watch and iPad that we’ve already outlined above. Note, this promo is only eligible with a new line on an unlimited data plan (upgraders can get up to $830 off).View Deal

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: get four devices with an unlimited data plan for $120 per month
Good for families:
One of Verizon’s best deals this week offers four iPhone 14 Plus handsets for just $40 each – and that’s with a line on an unlimited data plan. Yes, the bundled plan is the carrier’s more basic ‘Unlimited Welcome’ tier but this is still an amazing offer. Previously, an iPhone 14 Plus bundled with a single line would have cost close to $100 by itself so you get some incredible savings here.View Deal

Google Pixel 8 & Galaxy S23: buy one get one free with an unlimited data plan at Verizon
Verizon’s brought back an old favorite with this particular Holiday special. Right now you can either buy a Google Pixel 8 or Samsung Galaxy S23 outright alongside a new line on an unlimited data plan and get a whole second device for free. While you’ll still need to pay for those pricey unlimited data lines, you’re saving up to $800 on a second device here, making it a great option for couples or families.View Deal

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