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If your number one priority is to get a gaming handheld, then you can jump to the latest prices on some PS Portal alternative devices listed below.

Otherwise, we also have a dedicated guide to the best PlayStation Portal alternatives to look at right now too.

AfteWe’re seeing some semi-regular PlayStation Portal restocks in early 2024 with multiple retailers dropping stock throughout January – it’s always fleeting but at least it’s getting ‘regular’.

With the launch of the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds and the upcoming PlayStation Pulse Elite headset, we’re hoping Sony is ramping up production of the Portal behind the scenes to increase the frequency and availability.

The lack of stock is giving us terrible flashbacks of 2020 and 2021 during the great PlayStation 5 stock shortages when the console first launched. But we’re here to help, keeping an eye on the PlayStation Portal restock situation and updating our PS Portal stock tracker regularly.

We’re always big advocates for persistence and patience, as it can often be rewarded (especially if you add a dash of luck), so we recommend sticking with trusted retailers like those on this page, and keep trying as you may well get lucky – and never pay the scalpers’ prices! 

As a reminder of why we love the Portal, we think that it could be, for many folks, a revolutionary device, opening up extra gaming opportunities and time. It’s proved so with me and I can’t put it down – read more in our full PlayStation Portal review.

Where to buy PlayStation Portal – US

PlayStation Portal + PS5 Slim bundle deal – $749.99 at Antonline
The often-bundle-selling retailer is back on the scene with its bombastic PS5 Slim bundle deal that throws in a PlayStation Portal. It’s great that it’s available and offers a tremendous amount of hardware in one hit – but bear in mind that this price represents the combination of every part’s retail price (you’ll essentially be paying full price for the game despite it being thrown in with other PS5 Slimbundles right now).View Deal

Check stock at Best Buy
After a fleeting bit of stock recently, we still think it’s worth checking in with Best Buy as it is regularly setting off stock alerts and has location-specific stock which could help some folk out.

Last restock: February 8/9View Deal

Check stock at Amazon
The retailer had a genuine restock recently and is regularly having stock appear to buy! Keep trying here right now! The delivery times are quite long, but there are genuine chances to bag one at Amazon right now!

Last restock: February 9View Deal

Check stock at Target
Always worth a look given its location-specific stock, target has seen stock drops frequently since the device launched in November – not reliably but enough to always make it worth checking.

Last restock: February 9View Deal

Check stock at Walmart
We’d say it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on Walmart this week if you prefer to shop there, as we’ve seen stock flash up here relatively consistently.

Last restock: February 1View Deal

Check stock at Newegg
Out of the blue, and not on our bingo card, Newegg has had stock as recently as mid-January so is worth checking in on.

Last restock: January 17View Deal

PlayStation Portal + Ps5 Slim bundle deal heck stock at Antonline
The often-bundle-selling retailer is worth a look, but you’re unlikely to find the Portal on its own here. Instead, it’s definitely worth considering keeping tabs on this particular PS5 Slim bundle in case it comes back in stock and you can splash out.View Deal

Check stock at Sam’s Club
This is one we saw pop up with stock briefly in December so have decided it’s absolutely worth your time to check for restocks too – another retailer to give us an option is never a bad thing, after all.View Deal

Check stock at Macy’s
The enormous department store is absolutely worth checking out for Portal stock. Its listing page is live currently but it remains unavailable (obviously, sigh).View Deal

Check stock at PlayStation Direct
PlayStation Direct itself had stock on January 18 but has now sold out. The listing page now says to check back in “early February”, so we’re now clinging to that hope.

Last restock: January 18View Deal

Where to buy PlayStation Portal – UK

Check stock Amazon
After a brief restock on February 3, it’s worth keeping a close eye on Amazon for stock now and henceforth. However, definitely avoid the resellers trying to flog inflated prices.

Last restock: February 8View Deal

Check stock at Argos
The PlayStation Portal listing page is back up at Argos, and even though some folks were reporting some luck recently, we haven’t seen stock at this retailer ourselves for a little while.

Last restock: December 18View Deal

Check stock at Currys
Always worth a look, Currys reportedly had stock on January 13, but it was, once again, very fleeting.

Last restock: January 13View Deal

Check stock at Very
Another popular retailer in the UK for gaming, Very too has no stock right now it seems, but it has been coming and going. One to keep an eye on.

Last restock: January 15View Deal

Check stock at Game
Always worth a look given it’s the UK’s only real gaming-focused retailer. We’ve seen stock flashes in recent weeks but nothing too major, admittedly.

Last restock: January 30View Deal

Check stock at EE
EE is known to stock a variety of gaming gear now so have become a reliable go-to – however just like everywhere else it too is out of PlayStation Portal stock.

Last restock December 13View Deal

Check stock at PlayStation Direct
There was a genuine PlayStation Portal restock at the official PlayStation Direct UK at the end of January which was most welcome, but still ended too quickly. ALways worth checking for stock, and for news on stock.

Last restock: January 29View Deal

We’ll do our best to keep the page updated to direct you to the best places to try as stock levels change. If you’re still on the fence and need some more focused help working out whether the device is for you, then check out our guide to should you buy a PlayStation Portal, as well as our PlayStation Portal vs Backbone One comparison.

PlayStation Portal alternatives

If you’re really keen to pick up a remote play device or a handheld games console like the PlayStation Portal, but need something soon, as a gift for the holidays, or want to bypass the limbo of there being no stock, then we’ve got the latest, lowest prices below on some fine alternatives. 

Remember though that none of these alternatives will do exactly what the PlayStation Portal offers – streaming PS5 games over the internet from your PS5 to a dedicated handheld device. You can recreate this in principle with the BackBone One controller and your mobile phone, but it’s worth reiterating that the below aren’t like-for-like replacements.

From the Nintendo Switch Lite to the Backbone One controller, and more, there are some great handheld devices going right now for you to consider instead (and alongside) the PlayStation Portal.

Where to buy PlayStation Portal – Tips and tricks

I’ve been keeping an eye on PlayStation Portal restocks since the handheld launched, and also throughout a portion of its pre-order phase too. I’ve also embedded myself in the Portal community online from regional Facebook groups to the official subreddit channel to immerse myself in all things PS Portal – be it restocks or folks asking for network and internet tips. 

As a result, I’ve seen every single stock drop happen since mid-November, and have picked up some tips and tricks that might help you get to the front of the queue when stock becomes available, or at least give you the best chance in advance.

Where to buy PlayStation Portal – FAQs

Image of the PlayStation Portal handheld gaming device

(Image credit: Future/Rob Dwiar)

Is the PlayStation Portal sold out?

As it stands at around 5.15am ET on February 11, the PlayStation Portal remains out of stock at all retailers – apart from within a big PS5 Slim bundle at Antonline.

How much does the PlayStation Portal remote player cost?

The PlayStation Portal remote player costs $199.99 in the US and £199.99 in the UK. Variations in price will be found across different regions as stock becomes more widely available and rolled out.

Can you use the PlayStation Portal away from home?

Yes! While Sony has largely pushed the PlayStation Portal as a device to use on the same Wi-Fi network as your PS5, if you have a strong enough internet connection (be it Wi-Fi or 5G) then you will be able to use it away from home. I tested this for our review and have consistently used it on 5G – the connection takes a little longer to ‘talk’ to your PS5 but it works!

When will PlayStation Portal stock return?

It feels a bit like reliving the PS5 stock shortage all over again – we are relying on flashes of stocks without any real official word. The grains of hope we can cling to right now are the consistent restocks at the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart which might get flashes of inventory.

Do you need a PS5 to use a PlayStation Portal?

Yes, you absolutely need a PS5 to use a PlayStation Portal. The Portal is exactly that: a window into and a means of mirroring your PS5 so it can only be used in tandem with a PlayStation 5 console.

If you’ve got a unit and are looking for game recommendations then check out our guide to the best PlayStation Portal games and remember, you might want one of the best wired gaming headsets or a wired PS5 headset to team with your Portal too. If you’re on the hunt for other portables, however, then, head over to our guide to the best handheld game consoles you can get right now.

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