We’re in the final few days of the initial Fujifilm X100VI preorders window and stock is holding out at most retailers. As expected, the latest iteration of Fuji’s much-hyped X100 series is shaping up to be the most popular camera launch of 2024, with many stores facing unprecedented demand. 

As of writing, Fujifilm X100VI preorders have already sold out over at Amazon but there are still plenty of retailers taking orders if you’re looking to secure your new camera. We’ve listed out the best retailers in the US and UK just down below so you can get your order in before it’s too late.

Right now, no retailers have shifted from the full retail price of $1,599 / £1,599 or offered any other preorder incentives of any kind. If this changes, we’ll of course amend this page with the latest news, although we wouldn’t expect any discounts since this camera is likely to fly off the shelves. 

Fujifilm X100VI preorders are available here

US retailers

UK retailers

Fujifilm X100VI preorders: FAQs

When are Fujifilm X100VI preorders being delivered?

The first cameras will be dispatched on Wednesday 28th February, so there’s not long until you’ll get your copy now. Note, however, that you’ll want to check the specific retailer’s information on the product page in regards to updated delivery schedules. As of writing, most retailers are stating that they will in fact be dispatching cameras on-schedule but we wouldn’t be surprised if Fujifilm X100VI preorders continue at this rate of popularity. 

Fujifilm X100VI in the hand

(Image credit: Future)

Is the Fujifilm X100VI worth preordering?

New features

– 40MP APSC sensor
– In-body stabilization
– Improved autofocus

We’ve just posted our Fujifilm X100VI hands-on review if you’re interested in a full rundown of this latest model. In short, the X100VI is an outstanding compact camera that’s every bit worthy of its now almost-legendary predecessor. 

While Fuji hasn’t messed with the formula much, you’re getting the latest tech from the brand’s flagship Fujifilm X-T5 in the familiar X-series body here, which means a massive jump in resolution to 40MP, improved autofocus and – for the first time ever with an X-Series camera – in-body image stabilization. 

Generally speaking, however, its main selling points remain the same from the previous iteration. You get old-school exposure controls, a hybrid viewfinder and a fixed 23mm f/2 lens all wrapped up in a gorgeous design that harkens back to the classic rangefinders. All the famous Fujifilm film simulation pre-sets are present here for those excellent straight-out-of-camera JPEGs, too.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best compact cameras money can buy, then a X100VI preorder is likely to be a decent investment – especially if the VI proves as popular as its predecessor. 

Will the X100VI sell out at other retailers?

Early reports have suggested that the new X100VI has been the most successful Fujifilm launch to date, so there’s definitely a high possibility that preorders will start to sell out at other retailers.

As previously stated, the previous Fujifilm X100V model blew up in popularity a few years ago and was incredibly hard to get brand-new at retailers. Stock issues got so bad, in fact, that second-hand cameras were selling for much higher than the original asking price ($1,399 / £1,299) a year or two ago. 

Because of this, it’s likely safer to get your preorder in early. As with most in-demand products, we don’t expect discounts on the X100VI for a good few months down the line so it’s probably not waiting it out for a deal with the risk of missing out.

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