Millie Bobby Brown’s latest Netflix venture Damsel, in which the Stranger Things’ actor faces a fiery showdown with a dragon, is proving to be truly in distress after early reviews call it a flop. The new fantasy, adventure film currently has 48 reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, totaling a subpar score of just 58% – audience reviews are not yet in as the movie only just started streaming on March 8. 

From The New York Times’ Alissa Wilkinson saying that the new Netflix movie is “evidence that studios still don’t realize that a ‘strong female lead’ is not enough to make a movie good” to the Times’ Kevin Maher writing “that all moments arrive without surprise, simply meeting expectations”, there’s a resounding consensus that Damsel is not as convincing as it could be.  

Of course, not everyone is entirely in agreement, with some praising it for its visually stunning action scenes. But why waste your weekend watching a subpar fantasy movie on the best streaming service when there are plenty more highly rated films to choose from? Here are three fantasy movies most highly rated by critics streaming on Netflix now.     

Everything Everywhere All At Once 

This time last year, Everything Everywhere All At Once surprised everyone by taking home seven Oscars. It was one of the biggest Oscar winners of 2023 and if you haven’t yet seen the A24 film then this is your reminder that you absolutely should. This isn’t the first time that we’ve recommended readers watch the multiverse movie  – and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s a bizarre whirlwind of genres, where a stressed out laundromat worker (played by Michelle Yeoh) sets out on an adventure filled with interdimensional travel. An absolute must see. 

Available on Netflix in the US and Australia. For those in the UK, you can rent or buy it on Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and Sky. 

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

If you’re a regular TechRadar reader, then you’ll know that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is one of the rare movies that we’ve reviewed and awarded a flawless five stars to – and we’re not alone in our high praise, with the movie garnering high scores from critics everywhere. What stands out most about it is the uniquely stunning animation style, which combines computer-generated imagery with hand-drawn 2D elements. It’s a landmark film that has sparked a resurgence in creativity throughout the animator space.       

Available on Netflix in the US and UK, and Prime Video or Binge in Australia.  

Ready Player One 

We don’t rate Ready Player One very highly among Steven Spielberg’s movies ranked best to worst – and compared to the two films mentioned earlier, it also doesn’t have the highest score among critics – but out of all the fantasy movies streaming on Netflix right now, it’s one of the most liked. It’s easy to see why too. A film about a virtual reality world set in a futuristic society with plenty of pop culture video game references? You’re welcome. Top points if you watch it on the Apple Vision Pro this weekend! 

Available on Netflix in the US and Australia. For those in the UK, you can rent or buy it on Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and Sky.

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