Intel’s Arrow Lake CPUs have been the subject of another leak, and we’ve had a sighting of silicon for desktop PCs and laptops from the next-gen range.

Wccftech noticed that leaker Harukaze5719 on X (formerly Twitter) again shared shipping details of some Arrow Lake chips, which will be Intel’s next-gen Core Ultra 200 line-up.

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The processors include Arrow Lake-S models, which are desktop silicon, and also mobile Arrow Lake-HX CPUs, top-end mobile offerings to power up the best gaming laptops (and normal notebooks to boot).

On the desktop side, the shipment listings include a 24-core Arrow Lake CPU, which would be the flagship with 8 performance cores plus 16 efficiency cores in theory. There’s also a 14-core model, with 6 performance and 8 efficiency cores, and a 6-core chip (all performance cores, with no efficiency cores).

With the laptop chips, the spotted CPUs include a 16-core processor (8 performance, 8 efficiency cores) and a chip with 14-cores (6 performance, 8 efficiency cores).

An Intel Core i7-14700K slotted into a motherboard

(Image credit: Future / John Loeffler)

Analysis: Arrow Lake on target?

All of those chips line up with previous spillage around Arrow Lake, as you might expect, though we should still be cautious around any leaked info such as this. As noted, though, this is not the first time Harukaze5719 has dropped shipping details such as this, and they are a reliable leaker in the main.

There’s a noticeable uptick in Arrow Lake leaks of late, and here’s what we take from that: It looks like Intel is on track with these next-gen CPUs. Team Blue has previously said that its Core Ultra 200 range will debut before the year is out, though we’ve been anticipating a late 2024 arrival in the past (or even the possibility of a slip into 2025).

However, more recent chatter has been more positive about an earlier launch for Arrow Lake, and the possibility of a Q3 release. Now, as we said at the time, we’d be very cautious about reading much into that, but it is an optimistic glimmer of hope for an earlier release – and the increasing volume of spillage around Arrow Lake recently does make this eventuality seem a little more realistic.

Here’s hoping, and it’s certainly true that Intel needs Arrow Lake to combat AMD’s incoming Zen 5 processors – it really can’t afford to be left relying on Raptor Lake Refresh desktop CPUs to meet the incoming challenge of Ryzen 9000. Team Red’s next-gen processors certainly seem on track to arrive soon, perhaps in Q3, and even faster next-gen X3D chips may not be far behind.

And of course, on the laptop side of the equation, Intel needs Arrow Lake – and next-gen Lunar Lake power-efficient mobile processors – to help combat Apple’s incoming M4 for Macs, and Qualcomm’s imminent ARM-based Snapdragon X Elite (and Plus) which is already making serious waves. Nvidia may even have an ARM chip that’s a threat in the works, too…

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