Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, aka WWDC 2024, takes place today – and it could be a big one.

This has been billed (though not directly by Apple) as the moment when Apple goes all-in on artificial intelligence, with a range of AI-powered tools and features set to be integrated across the likes of iOS 18, macOS 15, wearOS 5 and more.  

If so, it’s about time: generative AI has already been the focus of the likes of Google I/O 2024 and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24, so Apple needs to catch up and explain how it’s going to integrate the tech into Siri and other areas. 

WWDC 2024 kicks off at 1pm ET / 10am PT / 6pm BST today (Monday, 10 June) and we’re out at the tech giant’s Cupertino headquarters to bring you all the big news from Tim Cook as it happens. Before then, we’ll be rounding up all the last-minute rumors and news before the keynote starts, so keep this page bookmarked. And if you want to watch along, check out our guide on how to watch WWDC 2024 live. 

Good morning from the UK. Roland Moore-Colyer here to take you through the preamble ahead of WWDC 2024. Let’s do this. 

So first thing first, for everything WWDC 2024, check out this section on TechRadar. For everything else, you’re in the right place. 

A MacBook, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple gift box on a grey background

(Image credit: Apple)

So what should you expect from WWDC this year? Well I’ve penned an article with 5 things to expect from WWDC 2024 for your reading pleasure. 

But in short: forget hardware and prepare for a whole lot of AI. 

Speaking of a lack of hardware, I’ve dug into what not to expect at WWDC 2024, for more details on the things we don’t reckon we’ll see. 

So give that a look so you can avoid any disappointment. Of course, also be prepared for some sudden surprises. 

iPhone 16 dummy units leak

(Image credit: Weibo)

Having said all of that, WWDC is likely to give us a taste of what we could see from next-generation hardware. 

My own series of predictions has AI-centric ship baked in at the heart of the iPhone 16, Apple Watch 10 and more. 

While AI is very much the buzzword of the world of tech right now, I suspect that Apple will make its presentation all about the seamless integration of AI and generative AI features. 

What will be curious is to see if Apple champions its own AI efforts or leans towards work done by the likes of OpenAI and ChatGPT. Apple has long gone its own way, but with AI it could take a different route. 

Using the Dexcom app on an Apple Watch.

(Image credit: Dexcom)

I have a mild suspicion that the need for onboard AI processing will see a whole range of Apple devices get new custom chips. And that could change their overall design to incorporate new things like enhanced cooling systems for extended performance. 

I’m talking a bit of extra thickness for iPhones as an example; think evolution not revolution. 

Apple tipster and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman had some interesting insights into what Apple could do with AI over on Twitt… X. 

“Apple’s AI push isn’t so much about its current devices, but enabling its next wave of hardware from AR glasses to AirPods with cameras to potentially humanoid robots and more,” Gurman posted. 

See more

Gurman’s take is an interesting one and sort of aligns with my prediction of how Apple could go big on AI at WWDC 2024

My thoughts are the Cupertino crew will try to integrate AI holistically across its platforms so that using generative AI tools becomes almost second-nature. Gurman reckons such stuff will be buggy to begin with, and I don’t doubt that. 

But what I’d be curious to see if if Apple will retrofits AI capabilities into the likes of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14, or if it’ll requie people to adopt next-generation hardware. 

I think the biggest AI change Apple will bring to the table will be a smarter Siri. 

For some time, Siri has been the slower and dumbler of the virtual assistants, at least in my opinion, lagging behind Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, An injection of new smarts and better natural language comprehension could really give Siri a kick up its virtual butt and make it a lot more usable. 

But let’s take a step back and focus on something a little more tangible for a moment. Here’s what we can expect in terms of new software from Apple: 

  • iOS 18 with a beta release closely after.
  • iPadOS 18 also with a beta, but perhaps limited compatibility across older iPads. 
  • macOS 15 with a suitably mountain range-related name. 
  • watchOS 11 with a host of new fitness-focused features. 

iPhone Home Screen

(Image credit: Getty Images)

For iOS 18, we already have a wishlist of features. And they aren’t leaning super-heavy on AI. 

Rather some interface tweaks and the ability to do more without digging into settings will be appreciated. 

Our software-centric computing writer Kristina Terech has some thoughts on what four ways Apple could steal Windows 11 fans’ hearts at WWDC 2024 with macOS 15

From gaming to granular control over any new AI tools. And I tend to agree with her wishlist. 

Somewhat kicking against the AI trend, Fitness Editor Matt Evans isn’t stoked at the idea of having AI and large language models integrated into next-gen watchOS

Evans reckons there’s cause to be wary about needing to load health data into apps and features that have information-hungry AIs, and that could lead to increased commodification of data. Can’t say I disagree with his POV. 

iOS images

(Image credit: Apple)

Swinging back round to iOS for a moment and we’ve just published an article titled: Can’t wait for iOS 18? You still might want to skip the first beta release

That’s sage advice, as such betas are often buggy and unstable, which isn’t the sort of platform you want on your main iPhone. If you have an older yet still compatible device and are desperate to give iOS 18 a while, then I suggest using that as a beta machine. Keep your main phone for the full release only. 

A digital face in profile against a digital background.

(Image credit: Shutterstock / Ryzhi)

Given everyone harps on about AI, you’d be forgiven for having a sense of ennui at the whole thing. The machines have yet to rebel, so why care about AI unless it’s having a direct effect on you? 

Well Editor-at-Large Lance Ulanoff reckons you should care about everything that happens at WWDC 2024 – and why it will change your Apple world.

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